VCU Medical Center

I believe that all child care centers have the same dilemma regarding contagious disease transmission among young children.  We are always seeking new methods to enhance air quality, air filtration and contain contagion.   Our staff conducted a six week study comparing classrooms with Sterybox units to those without.   We compared the incidence of contagion in the rooms with Sterybox and found that they were significantly lower than those without.  Even with a room that could not be sealed off due to a half wall.  We observed a lower number of children that needed to be sent home due to illness and a significant decrease in incidences of "runny" noses, coughing, and fewer ear infections than in rooms without the Sterybox.

**Update**  The Sterybox program has been so successful that we have ordered and installed an additional eleven units for our new expanded hospital service.


Childrens Clinic
Our practice has purchased seven units for the patient exam rooms and waiting areas in our four office locations.  We installed the Sterybox units in order to decrease the amount of airborne contaminants that are prevalent in any physicians office.  We are pleased with the devices performance as are our patients.  It is also important for our families in our care to feel safe in a waiting room environment.
Carvel Ice Cream

Ice cream is very sensitive to airborne contaminants.  In order to be sure that our customers received only the best ice cream we added the sterybox.  We tested the air and we were amazed at not just the amount of airborne contaminants but the number of different kinds.  After the installation of the sterybox, the air is free of anything but the sweet smell of waffle cones and other wonderful aromas.

_____ Hospital

Our hospital has always had issues cleaning the air in our operating rooms.   We tested the sterybox and within 20 minutes we had cleaned the air to proper operating room standards, and with that, we purchased enough units to clean all of our operating rooms.

Ashland Day Care

We were the first location in the US to test the sterybox.  We placed two in our large newborn room.  On average we use about 2 boxes of tissues a day.  During our two month test, we are still using the first box of tissues and we have not had one child sick and this test took place during the winter months!


Any and all sterilization results are based upon proper space / unit installation procedures being followed.