Clean Mold from the Air in the Class Room

  • Destroys contaminants from the air including MOLD!
  • We don't destroy the mold at its source, we make your room habitable until the problem is solved.
  • Don't close the room off or the building just because you find MOLD!   Depending upon the size of the room, just place a unit or units on the wall, turn them on and in just minutes it will destroy 99.9% of the contaminants!
  • We back that up with a money back guarantee!

Special Needs Students and Teachers

  • Do you have a teacher that complains about the air.  Or are you a teacher that is having difficulty breathing in your classroom?  Our system works and once in place eliminates most breathing issues.
  • Do you have an immune suppressed student that needs clean air.  Our system will help destroy the contaminants that make it difficult for special needs students to remain in the classroom.

Fresh Air Inside Your Gym or Locker Room

  • Did you ever smell the air in the football locker room.  From experience I can tell you that in many instances you have to hold something over your mouth and nose to walk through the room.  Our system does not clean the dirty socks and other stinky items. It does clean the air of the bacteria and mold that floats through the air.  The removal of the bad material in the air will make the room habitable and much safer.

Nobody buys just one!

  • They say that the first sale is the hardest.  In our case it is true.  The second sale is the easiest.  Every single school that has purchased a unit has come back for additional units without us asking!

Any and all sterilization results are based upon proper space / unit installation procedures being followed.