Hospital Room

  • Virtually eliminate the chances of catching airborne illness from other patients.
  • Makes it much easier to have visitors without the worries of them bringing contaminants into the room.


  • While most operating rooms have full air sterilization systems in place.  The Sterybox can supplement any existing system or adjoining rooms.
  • Sterybox can sterilize the air in any room to operating room standards.

Waiting Room

  • Where do all of the sick people wait to get help?
  • Eliminate almost all airborne transfer of contaminants from patient to patient / family member.

Hospital Daycare

  • Now our most popular installation.
  • Eliminate almost all airborne transfer of contaminants from child to child.
  • While our units have no filters for smell, the Sterybox has been found to eliminate the foul diaper smell by destroying the airborne bacteria.
  • To watch daycare video click here.


  • Mounts inside on the wall.
  • Creates a sterile environment.
  • Protects the patient door to door.
  • Protects staff from airborne agents.



Any and all sterilization results are based upon proper space / unit installation procedures being followed.