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Sterybox Is Clinically Proven Effective! 
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Sterybox Standard Model Special !

  • Available in off white.

  • The specifications are similar to the Pro version, however, the standard version does not offer a timer to save bulb life and is not built as strong for heavy commercial usage.

  • No poisonous ozone!

  • One year manufacturers warrantee

Sterybox Standard Model Special !

Only $1699.
Save $150.00

The air we breathe is full of good and bad particles.  Our bodies get used to the air we breathe and we are immune to most of the bad things as long as our bodies are strong.  If we have a weak system or if the area we are inhabiting is overly contaminated we will get sick.  That is unless we do something about it.  Our air sterilization uses approved technology to destroy contaminants that would otherwise make us sick.  The system does not stop the source of the problem inside your walls or other area, however, it does make the air breathable until the problem can be corrected.  All of this with NO POISONOUS OZONE & NO FILTERS TO CHANGE !!!!

In fact you will find that our system is so effective that you may want to continue to use it even after the problem is corrected.  That is because it will do such a good job that you will not want to give it up.  Let's just say we know this from experience, time and time again.

A Doctors Office Visit:  A recent survey of patients showed that 82.7% of people visiting a doctors office are afraid of getting sick from other patients!  Let sterybox solve your problems and put your patients at ease!

How does it work?

The FDA has approved UV-Germicidal lamps for killing mold and other airborne contaminants.  The problem is, how do you keep the light on the contaminant for a long enough period to be effective.  The Sterybox uses a patented labyrinth to allow the air flow to stay in contact with the lamps long enough to ensure that 99.9% of active components in the air are destroyed.  It only takes 20 minutes in an average size room to tell the difference!

Room Size Cleaning Calculation
8' ceiling x 10' length x 20' length in approximately 20 minutes!

Larger rooms will take longer or may require additional units....


The easiest installation I have ever had.  I opened the box, plugged it in and it was running.  I checked my air quality and it went from a very high bacteria / mold count to nearly zero the next day.  That is with many customers coming in and out all day.  Carvel


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